is an internationally-acclaimed kinaesthetic artist, model (2), sex worker, activist (a current delegate of the IWW & Hamilton GMB), and muse-based in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada). Jelena is widely regarded as one of the most unique Canadian transgender pornographic stars. She has participated in a Reddit AMA, been interviewed numerous times by (2, 3, 4, 5), CBC (2, 3), and once by Cable 14 News, The Toronto Star, GroobySex Worker NationBroadlyAutostraddle, Salon (2), AZCentral, and The Lingerie Addict. Notably, Jelena was nominated for awards at both the 2017, and 2018 Transgender Erotica Awards (TEA’s).

Along with working with the largest companies in the industry like Evil AngelGrooby Productions (Canada-TGirl, Grooby VR, Grooby Platinum, Tgirl Pornstar, Shemale.Porn, T.Porn, & Tgirls.Porn), TSNaturals, Transational Fantasies (Formerly Shemale Strokers), and Two TGirls, Jelena has been hard at work creating exciting and captivating self-produced content. She has also had a column- Beyond Barriers- featured in Transformation Magazine. With grace, experience and a caring touch, Jelena weaves meaning through everything she touches. Catch a glimpse of her Magick- Inside.

Jelena Vermilion
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In 2018, Jelena received the Award for Best DVD:

The Cast of Real Fucking Girls: 2 - Directed by Mona Wales

The Cast of Real Fucking Girls: 2 - Directed by Mona Wales

Her first award nominations were for the Best International Performer (West), and -the coveted- Ms. Unique titles. More fitting categories could not have been chosen, as Jelena combines art and passion to create experiences that can only be felt, not described.  In 2018, Jelena had Five award nominations at the TEAs, in addition to her AVN nomination for Favourite Trans Performer.