Jelena Vermilion
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Cancellation/No-Show Policy: Every booking is applicable At least 4 Hours' notice is required to avoid a Cancellation Charge Appointment Deposits are subject to forfeit without proper notice Half Hour Cancellation: $20 Full Hour Cancellation: $40 Cancellation fees can be paid separately via E-Transfer to Alternatively, bring the additional funds with you on your next appointment! Clients who fail to honour this cancellation policy will be required to pay the surcharge before a future appointment will be honoured. Late Arrival Policy: If you arrive late for a pre-booked appointment, you will receive the remainder of the time for your appointment with me. Example: If we had a full hour appointment planned for noon and you arrive five minutes late at 12:05, then you will have 55 minutes remaining with me (ending at 1:00PM as originally booked). My schedule requires that I be punctual, and I expect the same of clients.